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Build up daily wellness habits with our 100 mile summer challenge that will improve your self-discipline, confidence, and ability to follow through!

Remember the last time you tried to increase your water intake?


How about all those times you tried to start exercising consistently, but just couldn't seem to stick to it?


Sometimes it's hard to establish healthy habits whether it's because we're battling our own self-talk, feel like we're doing it all alone, or just don't know what to do.


With The 100 Mile Wellness Warrior Challenge you'll finally have the support, guidance, and accountability you need to follow through and stay self-disciplined!

You'll be able to establish healthy habits that will support your overall wellness-mind, body, and soul.

Here are the details:

  • Runs June 1-August 31

  • Go 100 miles before the end of the challenge

  • Complete each of the 6 daily habits to build up a strong base for your overall wellness

    • drink 80 oz of water​

    • eat 25g of fiber

    • meditate

    • read PD book for 10 min

    • journal for 10 min

    • 30 minutes of exercise

  • Have the opportunity to win awesome prizes like coaching, fitness programming, & more!

  • Join your accountability buddy & other challengers inside the exclusive Facebook community for connection and support

  • As always get a super cool t-shirt!

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