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Part 5 of 5- Things I Wouldn't Do If...

Let's go back to about 3.5 years ago. The pandemic was still brand new and I had spent a chunk of time laid off from work. During that time I focused a lot on starting my own business. I'd been out of college from getting my Exercise Science degree for almost 2 years, a personal trainer for about 5 years, and I felt like I should know how to do the things. After my time in the industry I felt like I shouldn't need to ask for help or need anyone else's opinion/advice (lol @ me- as soon as you start thinking like that you're only going to stunt your own growth). I was a personal trainer...why would I hire a trainer? That's just silly talk!

Here's the thing: I was stuck. I was unsure of what moves I should make and I had a hard time sticking to doing what I planned. Because knowing and doing are two different things. And sometimes it's hard to know what to do that makes sense for you personally. Especially when you have your "you" lenses on're you...

We got our deep thinking caps on today, folks.

The truth is I really did need some guidance and some accountability. It helps to have another set of eyes on your methods and someone there to remind you to get your shit together and keep it there.

So, after much inner debate, feeling super excited, and also like I might cry and puke a little, I invested in my first fitness coach for 6 months at $350/month. It was a hell of a leap for me as it was a major chunk of my income. It's also one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Which leads us to the third thing I wouldn't do if I were just getting started on my wellness journey:

I would not try to do it all by myself.

Now this next thing...ya'll know this part was coming so buckle up and just


Just kidding. I hope you got that reference...if not...well...ONWARD!

We like to take the easy route. It's the normal human thing to do- take the path of least resistance. I mean let's be go to an accountant to do your taxes for you. You pay someone to make your coffee for you. You pay a mechanic to fix your car for you. We could spend the time and money learning how to do these things ourselves, but we pay other people to save us time AND money over the long term. Except for maybe in the case of coffee...


A coach or a trainer does all the same for you: they likely have spent years upon years and thousands of dollars learning their craft so they can help you achieve results in a sustainable way . Plus, since they don't have "you" lenses on because they aren't you, they have an objective look at your blind spots, patterns, and thought processes that could be holding you back. This helps them hold you accountable and keep you moving towards your goals.

It's honestly kind of surprising to me how much people avoid hiring someone because "they don't have the money" or "it's not worth it" yet they'll spend a shit ton of money on fad diets, unrealistic challenges, and meal replacement shakes thinking it'll get them the results they want.

The downside is, typically, when they're done they haven't actually learned how to maintain the result they got from their diet fad or meal replacement shake of choice. The behaviors, mindset, and BECOMING necessary to have what they want didn't happen.

People want to skip the becoming. They just want what they want NOW.

I'm going to reveal an unfortunate not-so-secret secret to you...

It's impossible to achieve what you want if you skip the becoming.

What do I mean by "becoming"?

I mean you become the person who has the health and wellness you want because you change as a human. For example:

  • You shed the identity of the person who doesn't cook because they "just don't like it" to the person who cooks because they choose to prioritize their wellness instead. (I get it, friend, I'm not a fan of cooking either, but I feel a whole lot better when I eat homemade meals and that, in itself, makes it worth it.)

  • You stop telling yourself that you're a "lazy couch potato" and instead your self-talk centers around how you're becoming the person who makes movement a priority each day. How we speak to ourselves matters because our actions will follow.

  • You throw out the belief that your needs aren't as important as your kid's or your partner's. You anchor in the belief that your health needs to take priority. And the healthier you are the better you can show up for them.

  • You shed the mindset of "life just keeps happening to me" (aka victimhood or living at effect) to a mindset of taking personal responsibility for your life (aka living at cause).

It's all about your beliefs and identity- it's not actually about exercise and nutrition. But that's a whole other blog post or two.

From my own personal experience, having someone there to guide you, hold you accountable, talk you down when you feel like you're completely failing, and be there to pump you up when you have wins- that makes it all easier to stick to. And things happen more efficiently.

All that being said, not everyone has access to, or funds for, a coach or a trainer. Regardless, you can still be super successful! Here's how:

  • Find someone to share your goals and processes with so they can help keep you accountable. Make sure it's someone that will actually call you out when you need it.

  • Get yourself a health and wellness buddy to workout with, meal prep with, do step challenges with or whatever things are easier done with someone else rather than alone.

  • Ask that one friend of yours that just seems to love the gym and meal prepping if they would mind if you pick their brain on a few things

  • Join a gym that has group classes or events that will get you fully immersed in the wellness world.

There are tons of options out there. The main thing to keep in mind is...

You become like those you surround yourself with. Choose wisely.

As you well know, I'm here for you if you're ready to shift your identity, mindset, and beliefs to support you in working toward the health and wellness you've been wanting for so long. Feel free to hit me up at if you're curious about coaching.

If that's not for you, then hopefully you'll still stick around for all the free content I put out here on the blog, in my newsletter, and on social media.

Thank you for being here 😃

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