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Click through the tabs to see common questions about personal training, coaching, and the Wellness Warrior Tribe membership.

  • I'm in (or just finished) physical therapy. Can I do personal training?
    Yes! I've worked with several clients who were in physical therapy at the same time they were working with me or they'd come to me to transition out of PT. I have special training in corrective exercise which compliments what PT's tend to do with their patients. I also try to collaborate with my clients physical therapists when it's possible.
  • Do you offer personal training in person or online?
    Both! Currently I do in person training at Isch Wellness Center or Longevity Fitness in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Online I offer personalized fitness programming through my JL Wellness app.
  • Are alternative exercises available if I can't do what's programmed?
    Yes! You will have the option to swap out an exercise if you need a modified or tougher version or you don't have the necessary equipment. A video demonstration is provided with each exercise so you know just what to do.
  • How much does personal training cost?
    This depends on whether the training is online or in person. If it's in person then it depends on which location we train at. Please contact me directly at for more specifics.
  • What is the difference between coaching and personal training?
    Personal training focuses on fitness programs, exercise form and execution, and building consistency around movement. Goals are typically related to increasing strength, improving endurance, flexibility, and mobility, and moving better. Coaching focuses more on building healthy habits, accountability, nutrition behaviors, and lifestyle. Goals are typically related to improving stress management, nutrition, mindset, and sleep. Goals in these areas can overlap of course, but that is where the focus lies for each. Some of my clients only do personal training while some add on coaching for deeper work and more accountability.
  • How much does coaching cost?
    Coaching packages are created based on your needs and typically start out at $250/month.
  • What does a coaching package include?
    Your program is designed for YOU based on your needs, goals, and what you want to work on right now. Programs generally consist of: fitness programming and/or personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, check-ins, and various resources to help you along your journey.
  • Who is the Wellness Warrior Tribe membership for?
    The Wellness Warrior Tribe membership is for someone who wants a fitness plan so they know what to do when they go to the gym and so they can track their progress. It's also for the person who is looking for a community of likeminded individuals that wants to be held accountable and support others as well. This is a great option if one on one coaching or training isn't what you're looking for right now or isn't in your budget.
  • Are the monthly workouts personalized?
    No, the monthly workouts are not personalized to you. You do have the option of choosing 2, 3, or 4 days a week. Each month a new program will be released that will progressively help you get stronger, have more mobility, and improve your overall movement. If you want a personalized fitness program designed for your needs and goals very specifically you can email me at and we can chat about your options! (Just for an example, personalized means that if you have scoliosis and bad knees a program would be designed for you that would work to make you stronger without doing movements that would make those issues worse.)
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No, there is not contract to join the Tribe. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
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