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๐Ÿ’—to๐Ÿ’—- Energy & Self-awareness

Our words and thoughts have a bigger impact than we realize. I believe that the more you tell yourself something the more you will believe and accept it to be true. The more you hear it and choose to accept it the more you will identify with it. (Notice the choice there.) This is in all areas of life, but today we're going to focus on energy.

A good one gone WAY too soon...but HILARIOUS. This is pretty much how I look after little sleep and too much coffee.

For example, I've worked with clients before when they've been really low energy. They'd start off their personal training session telling me how exhausted they were and how they just didn't have the energy to do the workout. Interestingly enough, once they got that out (and sometimes a brief vent session about their day) and we started warming up it's like they forgot they didn't have the energy. Not always, but a notable amount of times.

I've noticed this myself when I've been really tired and I'm thinking about how tired I am and I'm talking about how tired I am and I just keep feeling more and more tired.

For some reason here lately the fact that I KNOW this is a thing hasn't kept me from getting stuck in a cycle of low energy. Yes, some of it is truly being tired from lack of sleep, hormonal cycles, or not eating to support my needs like I should, BUT I've also become more aware since tracking my moods in my journal for the past month that I'm routinely rating myself as "low energy/low mood" or just simply "okay". WTF is up with that?!

It's like I aim for mediocre and that's what I keep getting. Funny how that works.

I wonder what would happen if I actually focused on being high energy?

OPE. That just brought something to the surface...

Two things I notice:

1 The thought process that if I aim for mediocre then if something bad happens it won't knock me as far down and happiness won't be taken from me.

2 The idea of high energy feels uncomfortable in my body because I associate the feeling with being anxious. When you struggle with anxiety for years differentiating between excitement or positive high energy can easily be misinterpreted by the body even if logically you know it's not a negative thing.

Anyone else struggle with these 2 thought processes? Real pain in the ass, ain't they?

Self- awareness & understanding + 10 points! Not that I like what I've learned in this awareness gain. But. C'est la vie.

So, it seems I need to reframe how I think about feeling happy and reprogram my body to respond positively to high energy and excitement. Or perhaps it's the interpretation of my mind to the reaction of my body? A mixture of both maybe?

Anyways, coming back from that bunny trail, when it comes to your energy levels consider how your mind is contributing to your feelings of low energy. Is it poor sleep? Not enough food? Overscheduled and overstimulated? Your own constant focus on how tired you are? A combination of all of those? Shift from focusing on how tired you are to what you can do about it.

Takeaway: Next time you feel super low energy and find yourself ruminating or complaining about it step back and ask yourself "Why am I so tired? What could I do differently through my thoughts and actions to help myself feel better?"

Yeah, you'll likely still be some level of tired, but now you can do something about it AND stop focusing on it so much you just compound it. Make sense?

Anywho, I'm going to work on my own interpretation of energy and see if I can feel safely high energy. I'll update once I have more figured out. Toodles for now!

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