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Hiring a Coach is a Waste of Money

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered why people will spend so much money on a coach?

"Why spend money on what you could just do yourself?"

"There's all kind of free workouts on the internet"

"Mindset coaching is woo woo"

"Life coaching- LOL - let's be real..."

I used to think people were crazy spending that type of money on something like that. Why would I spend money to hire someone to do what I could just do myself? (As I continued to not do the thing 🙄)

My issue was that my money mindset was shit.

  • I believed I was meant to struggle.

  • I believed that my lot in life was to never have enough.

  • I believed that since I came from struggle it was basically in my veins and I just needed to accept it and do my best.

So keep those roots of mine in mind as you read this next statement because it may trip your trigger a little...

If you only see it as "spending money" rather than investing in yourself, your health, and your growth then your mindset is holding you back.

Stick with me here. I'm fully aware that there are times people truly are in a really bad place and they can barely afford to eat and pay their bills- I understand this from experience- your struggles are valid. Things won't always be a struggle, though. You know why? Because YOU have the power to change them. Your power to initiate change is strong. It's your choice whether you take ownership of that power or not.

One of the first steps I took towards ownership of this power for myself was when I invested $350 per month to work with my first coach. I was excited. I was scared. I felt like I might puke and cry a little. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She made a plan FOR ME. I implemented. I changed.

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Then I invested $2000 into a personal development group program. Once again-happy, shaking, excited, might puke. The impact was life changing in ways that you can and can't see. Some was outward, if you've known me personally for a few years now you can probably note some things, but a large part was inward things that only I can see. Though, over time, inward change causes outward change as well.

Since then I've always invested in a coach. Has every coaching relationship been good? Nope-some coaches I worked with...let's just say I didn't get what I wanted or expected. But rather than counting it as a loss I realized it was a lesson. I may not have gotten what I was looking for, but I definitely received what I needed.

I've invested literally thousands of dollars in coaching for my health, my growth, my healing, my knowledge, and my ability to help others. Am I rolling in the dough to be able to do this? Not yet, however, I've changed my money mindset to pass by lack and instead see opportunity. I have a part to play, a need to fill, a calling on this earth and I'm unlocking abilities because I've been willing to ask for help and invest in myself. Hiring a coach was worth. every. single. dollar.

I see this in friends of mine who have invested in coaches as well. Some want to become coaches because of how greatly impacted their own lives were.

I see this in my own clients- they tell me this themselves (peep my Client Love page). It's life changing. They are not who they were when they started working with me- whether it was a year ago or 5 years ago.

That's why I do what I do. My life was changed and has evolved -is evolving-into something I never would have dreamed of for myself. And I get to help others experience the same thing.

That's a blessing.

I encourage you to invest in yourself. I know times are hard. The world is weird. Everything seems wacko, but you deserve to invest in yourself. It may be coaching. It may be a class you've been wanting to take. It may be taking a leap to start your own business. It may be simply buying yourself a massage or healthier food options. Whatever it is- you deserve it.

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If your first thoughts upon reading that are "I can't because..." or "I don't have enough..." etc. I encourage you to simply ask yourself, "How can I make this work?" When you ask yourself a question, rather than boxing yourself in with a statement, you open your mind up to more possibilities. This can allow you to see opportunities you would have missed if you'd already decided it's impossible.

Change and growth start in our minds, regardless of what we want the end result to be.

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