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Part 1 of 5 Things I Wouldn't Do If...

We all learn in hindsight, right? Either that or by taking the advice of another. SO I'm going to dive right into it. In this 5 part series I'm going to tell you 5 things I wouldn't do if I was just getting started on my wellness journey PLUS what I'd do instead.

Get excited friends because this will help you be more successful in the long run 😉

These 5 things are based on what I've learned both through the time I've spent on my own AND working with coaches. Not to mention the nearly ten years I've spent working with people on fitness and wellness. So here is the first thing I would NOT do if I was just starting out on this whole wellness journey thing:

I would NOT try to change everything at once.

Think about the last time you were highly motivated to make changes to improve your health. Maybe you decided you were going to workout 5 days a week, drink 100 oz of water, and stop eating so much pizza while also finding a way to get yourself to stuff in some of those leafy greens the healthy people are always going on about. (Shouldn't they taste super good if they're also super healthy? I mean come on...)

You nailed it for 3 days, but you drove by your favorite pizza place on the way home from work one day-the day you would normally stop for pizza- and you ALMOST made it past without stopping. Almost. Next thing you know you've skipped your workout, tossed aside your water for mountain dew and ate damn near the whole pizza in one sitting.

Once again you have FAILED YOU MISERABLE OAF.

Au contraire, my friend, you tried to change too many things at once and your willpower and self-discipline were outsmarted! Outlasted? Thrown to the wind!

Either way your method didn't work so I'm sure you definitely wouldn't try to do the same thing again...right?


"I just need to try harder!"

"I'll never drive past the pizza place ever again!"

"I'll shield my eyes with leaves of spinach any time I near a pizza place!"

SIGH...You would do that to yourself, wouldn't you?

Let's take a step back here for a sec and regroup. Here's the important second part: What I WOULD do...

I have an alternative plan that will undoubtedly lead you to more success, HOWEVER it requires something that you're trying to skip that is actually quite necessary.

Yeah I know it's a real bish, ain't it?

C'est la vie.

When you let yourself have time and change a little bit at once you'll have more success.

Because you operate out of habit so, for example, if you've had pizza every Thursday night for eons then suddenly trying to change it is going to feel super off. A simpler, much more achievable change might be to have water with your pizza instead of mountain dew or one less slice of pizza or, if you tend to scarf things down and end up overly stuffed and miserable, eating without distraction so you can pay attention to your hunger and fullness cues.

SIDENOTE: You don't have to stop eating pizza to be healthy. It could be just less often while adding more healthy things in.

Once you've nailed that down then start focusing on another thing on your list such as drinking 100 oz of water. Incrementally. If you're drink a 16 oz bottle of water a day then aim for 2 bottles to start and so on.

The time is going to pass anyway. Are you going to let it pass restarting over and over again because you keep trying to force yourself into submission or are you going to work with yourself and slowly make progress in the direction you want to go?

If this already speaks to you because you struggle with exactly what I just talked about then my 1-1 coaching program could help you make real, sustainable change! If that's you send an email to

However, if you're not quite ready to make that leap yet then stay tuned for the 2nd thing I wouldn't do if I were just starting out on my wellness journey, plus what I would do. 😊

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